Affordable Boat Storage

Affordable Boat Storage

Standard Package $339pm on 12 month contract. Includes 2 lifts per month, free transfers and hull wash down.

Step on Boating

Step on Boating

Enjoy stress free boating, book a lauch in as little as 2 hours. Your boat will be launched, fueled and ready to step on.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With our permanantly monitored secure storage facility, you can rest easy knowing your boat is safe.

Why Dry Boat Stack Storage

One of the problems of boat ownership is having the hassle of storing your boat in a safe and convenient location. One of the reasons why there are not twice as many boat owners around is due to the inconvenience of storing such a large asset. Premium boat storage space at marinas is often unavailable while storing in garages and driveways take up lots of room. When thinking about boat storage options it is a great opportunity to also think about all the other factors involved surrounding boat usage.  For most people, apart from costs for boat storage, the convenience and ease to get the boat into the water plays a big part in their decision making. Public boat ramps across Australia are becoming more and more crowded and wait times during the summer and public holidays are so out of control that boaties are searching for alternate options.

Dry boat stack storage is having your boat stored in a managed rack storage facility when it is not in use, by storing your boat in a storage facility, it can provide security, convenience of launching and save on maintenance costs. Being able to arrive at the marina with your boat already launched and waiting for you with a full tank of fuel can save the hassles and reduce any stress associated with getting your boat in the water. Some of the advantages include:

Boat Security

Having your boat stored in a dry rack storage facility provides exceptional security for your boat. In order to retrieve a boat from a dry rack requires access to a boat forklift, therefore having a boat stored on these dry stacks provides an increased level of protection for your pride and joy.  In addition to this, you are able to sleep easy knowing that vandalism is less likely to occur in a secure storage facility compared to having your boat store in your home driveway.

Convenience in Launching

Because storage facilities are close to the water, it really takes all the stress away and makes it so much easier to use your boat. There is nothing better than having your boat already launched and waiting for you at the marina, no need to worry about fueling or hooking up the trailer and waiting in line at overcrowded public boat ramps. Simply enjoy the day in the water and have it returned to storage at the end of the day.

Save on Maintenance

With your boat stored in undercover dry racks, it can help reduce on maintenance costs associated with anti fouling and provide protection from all the elements of the weather.  Storing your boat in a dry condition helps to keep your boat in good condition and protects your investment. Storing your boat in wet storage can cause corrosion and increase overall maintenance costs. Storing a trailer boat at home requires a large amount of space and the typical home garage does not cater for the dimensions to fit a boat, therefore it can be exposed to damage from the weather.

Need Help Getting your Boat to Storage

One of the most asked question is ‘How do I get my boat to the storage facility?’  Simply find a reputable boat transport company. Getting your boat to our storage facility and preparing it for transport requires specialist expertise for navigating large vessels through the asphalt ocean.  Of course we are referring to boats that do not have the convenience of their own trailer for portability.  Boats that are coming from the boat builders yard or sail boats that are relocating from interstate, there are many reasons why a boat needs to be transported by road and moving it from one storage facility to another is more common than you think.

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